iQ-DICOMTEST 4.0: Test your DICOM communication for free

Have you ever encountered communication problems between DICOM modalities of different brands? Happens more often than you think, although it should work properly according to the DICOM Conformance Statements of the involved manufacturers.

With our freeware tool, iQ-DICOMTEST, you can easily get to the bottom of such issues and thoroughly test the DICOM communication. The application allows the user to initiate various DICOM commands and trace possible issues by means of the detailed log information it provides.

The new and improved iQ-DICOMTEST 4.0 includes the following capabilities:

  • Send a C-ECHO to an SCP (Service Class Provider)
  • Query a Worklist or a PACS with a fully customizable layout
  • Send a C-STORE of individual files or whole folder to an SCP including conversion to various transfer syntaxes
  • Send a Storage Commitment to an SCP
  • Detailed log information for each DICOM command
  • Dump DICOM files
  • Show the difference between two DICOM files
  • Dump a list of customizable DICOM tags from multiple files

Try it out for yourself and test your DICOM communication free of charge. iQ-DICOMTEST 4.0 is now available for download on our website.