Out now: iQ-WEB UPLOADER 1.3 for secure medical image sharing

Sharing medical images by uploading them through a physician’s or a hospital’s web portal is growing in popularity.

This comes as no surprise as this is a much faster way for patients to transfer their medical images to their physician, or for a physician to share them with a colleague for remote consultation. Compared to the more time-consuming option of mailing a CD hard copy or bringing it personally to its destination, the upload of medical images may actually become the preferred way of medical image communication in the future.

Is IMAGE prepared for this development? Of course, we are. With iQ-WEB UPLOADER 1.3 we have released a new and enhanced version of our web portal for secure data sharing.

What’s new in iQ-WEB UPLOADER 1.3?

  • Option to save uploader’s email address in DICOM data
    It is now possible for administrators to automatically save the uploader’s email address as Other Patient ID, which makes the email address visible in the PACS or available to filter. This email address might be used as an identifier of the upload for WADO links. In any case, the uploader’s email address will be stored in the Consulting Physician Identification Sequence as Person’s Telecom Information. The creation of WADO links still works based on the Other Patient ID.
  • Option to add annotations to each uploaded non-DICOM object
    You can quickly and easily add an annotation to non-DICOM objects during the upload process. A list of predefined annotations is available for this purpose. The selected annotation will be attached to the object and added to the data as a series description.

Learn more about iQ-WEB UPLOADER on our website or in the product flyer or try it out here: https://iqdicom.com/upload/.