Workflow Linear
Workflow Parallel

Which workflows does iQ-WEB RIS support?

In former days, the most common workflow in radiology practices was a linear one. This means that paper files were handed over from person A to person B, then from person B to person C or back to person A. Only one direction was possible at a time, either forward or backward. With the digital age, also more workflow opportunities emerged. It is now possible to process several tasks simultaneously and thus achieve a parallel workflow. For example, the billing of a radiological procedure can be done at the same time as the images are created.

iQ-WEB RIS – our web-based radiology information system – supports both linear and parallel workflows. This is possible because the local administrator can choose between configuring AND or OR operators for the workflow, meaning that files go from A to B AND C simultaneously, or from A to B OR C in a linear way.
Here are some examples for both workflow types:

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