Redefining teleradiology: iQ-ROUTER 3.0

Today, a common trend in radiology is that medical imaging studies are getting increasingly bigger. This may lead to transfer issues as those studies take up more memory space. However, this is no problem for iQ-ROUTER 3.0, the latest release of our software application for image compression, teleradiology and remote workflow management.

With the following feature highlights, iQ-ROUTER 3.0 is stronger than ever:

What’s new?

  • 64-bit application for enhanced performance and improved transfer and (de)compression of large datasets
  • Safer data transfer due to updated SSL security and encrypted passwords
  • Option for centralized license management (using one concurrent server to manage all iQ-ROUTER installations in a network)

Besides this, iQ-ROUTER 3.0 is available in three new editions: BASIC, PRO and PREMIUM. Although these names surely sound familiar to you, we have changed the scope of each edition. Unlike before, you now have access to all advanced functionalities starting with the BASIC edition. The higher PRO and PREMIUM editions differ only in the number of DICOM nodes (AEs) you can connect and the number of attribute rules you can apply. This way, you simply choose the edition that best fits the size and conditions of your medical network.

You can find more information about iQ-ROUTER 3.0 in the respective product brochure. Give iQ-ROUTER 3.0 a try and download your free trial version today!