Out Now: DICOMReader 6.0

We are pleased to announce that DICOMReader 6.0 has just been released.

DICOMReader is the perfect solution for reading in any medical imaging data stored on CD, DVD, or USB media into any PACS. With DICOMReader 6.0 you will also benefit from the following new features:

  • Option for centralized license management
  • Use one Concurrent Server to easily manage the licenses for all DICOMReader installations in a network. Save time and overhead by choosing concurrent (i.e. floating) licenses instead of a computer-based licensing model.
  • Performance enhancements
  • DICOMReader is now a 64-bit application improving the import and (de)compression of large datasets.
  • Blu-ray support
  • Scan and transfer DICOM data stored on Blu-ray media into your PACS.
  • Higher compatibility
  • In addition, DICOMReader now supports the decompression of DICOM images encoded with the JPEG-LS transfer syntaxes.

For further information about DICOMReader, please click here.

Download a trial version of DICOMReader here.