Freshly released: iQ-WEB

With the latest release of iQ-WEB, our PACS solution for storing, viewing and distributing any medical images and reports, we have focused on solid bug fixing and overall improvements of performance and security. Check out below what you can expect from this most recent version.

What's new in iQ-WEB

  • Let images sent via WADO link open in iQ-FUSION
    When it comes to the creation of WADO links, you now also have the option to select iQ-FUSION as the viewer used to open the requested images.
  • Open multiple studies in iQ-FUSION simultaneously
  • "Institution Name" now managed on series level for better management of patients coming from multiple institutions
  • Important cyber security fixes to maintain compliance with HIPAA/GDPR
  • Database performance improvements
  • Multiple bugfixes, e.g. better image pregeneration management for fast opening of studies, no inverted preview images, GUI translation issues and many more

iQ-WEB is now available for download on our website. As usual, iQ-WEB users with a valid Annual Service Package (ASP) can upgrade to the new version free of charge.