Turning DICOM SR into printable radiology reports with iQ-SR2PDF CONVERTER 1.2

Documenting diagnostic results and medical findings in so-called structured reports (SR) has evolved into the gold standard in radiology. Thus, the DICOM SR is gradually replacing the traditional report dictated by the radiologist using voice recognition or transcribed later by a transcriptionist, both requiring subsequent verification.

The emerging of DICOM Structured Reports has significantly improved diagnostic report communication. They are readable by medical information systems worldwide and lead to a much better report turnaround time.

But outside of the radiology department, referring and treating physicians still rather prefer to receive the results for the procedures they sent their patients in for in a PDF or paper format.

This has led us at IMAGE to the question: How can we combine the efficiency of a DICOM SR with the traditional expectations of receiving a radiology report in letter form without creating additional overhead?

Our solution: iQ-SR2PDF CONVERTER 1.2

We are pleased to announce this new tool in our product portfolio. This smart application automatically converts DICOM Structured Reports into customizable PDF files and copies the content of the SR and the patient demographics into a document that comes with the healthcare institution’s letter head, logos, text formatting and even with digital signatures of the involved physicians. All this can be done by using predefined Microsoft Word templates. The created PDF reports are encapsulated with a DICOM shell, that allows to store them in the PACS together with the studies to which they belong and to share them across DICOM networks. The PDF reports can also be downloaded and printed, sent to the referring physicians or handed out to the patients.

Here is what you can do with iQ-SR2PDF CONVERTER:

  • Automatically transform DICOM SR into DICOM PDF
  • Create your report templates per imaging center (institution), radiology reading group (reading entity) or radiologist (reading physician)
  • Manage the PDF reports for referring physicians in any PACS
  • Share reports via multiple DICOM targets (using iQ-WEB)
  • Digitally sign the reports by adding single (verifier) or dual signature (verifier and observer)
  • Use patient ID barcodes (EAN-13 and UPC-A supported)

To find out more about iQ-SR2PDF CONVERTER, check out this flyer or our website. If you want to give it a try, you can download a free 30-day trial version in our Download Center.