Reach a higher level of security with the new iQ-WEB

Cyber security is an essential and inevitable topic nowadays as most PACS are connected with the internet.

 In order to support the efforts of securing medical networks as best as possible, we recently released a new iQ-WEB version including but not limited to:

  • Secure central user synchronization between iQ-WEB and Azure using LDAP SSL/TLS
  • Several cyber security fixes against SQL injection, XSS and CSRF

But there’s more to it than that:

The new version also comes with an improved workflow manager. The revised filter section on the EasyWEB page extends the previously offered inclusive filters by exclusive study filters (for SR, DOC, OT and PR) for higher efficiency. Such a filter can help the radiologists with their reporting workflow by showing them all studies where no report has been added yet. The combination of both filter types allows them to search for studies containing one type of data but missing another type, e.g. show CT studies without secondary capture OT reconstructions.

The new version is available here.

CAUTION: Do not update from previous versions if you use LDAP and WADO simultaneously as, otherwise, WADO will stop working. The next version scheduled for February will include a combined LDAP/WADO support.