IMAGE launches vendor neutral upload portal for physicians and patients

Global PACS provider IMAGE Information Systems has released iQ-WEB UPLOADER 1.1 to facilitate vendor neutral and secure medical image sharing for physicians and patients.

The newly developed web portal iQ-WEB UPLOADER allows both healthcare professionals and patients to transfer medical images or relevant photos and documents to any PACS. All it takes is an internet connection and a web browser. Any internet-enabled device can be used for data upload, be it computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The potential applications for iQ-WEB UPLOADER are threefold:

Physicians can use iQ-WEB UPLOADER 1.1 as a web portal to share, distribute and exchange patient health information, such as medical test results, imaging and reporting results, medical documents etc. prior to their patient’s admission to a hospital or consultation of a remote specialist.

Also patients can easily upload their medical images and documents with just a few clicks, if they want to consult a physician remotely.

The third option is to use iQ-WEB UPLOADER as a portal for teleradiology purposes, where medical imaging studies can be uploaded for remote reading.      

With iQ-WEB UPLOADER users can upload the data – even multiple studies of one patient at the same time – through an easy-to-use web page, which makes the data available e.g. to the healthcare institution’s radiology department in a fast and consistent way. Any non-DICOM data, such as photos or documents, are automatically converted to a PACS-supported format.

The person who uploads the data as well as the chosen recipient of the data will receive a secure WADO link via iQ-WEB UPLOADER’s built-in email client, and can then use this link to access the uploaded imaging data on the recipient’s PACS archive themselves or securely share the information with further parties. iQ-WEB UPLOADER is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant.