IMAGE offers zero-footprint PACS with enhanced data sharing options

Digital sharing of patients’ healthcare data is important for an effective collaboration between hospitals, imaging centers and general physicians. However, high security requirements and the involvement of various software vendors typically lead to the exchange of patient health information (PHI) becoming an expensive and cumbersome matter, but there is a solution in the form of a DICOM standard called WADO: Web Access to DICOM Objects.

The PACS pioneer IMAGE Information Systems has implemented new, secure, but easy-to-use WADO options in their recently released iQ-WEB 6.7.3 PACS version.

The new WADO module includes a built-in email client to share secure web links to access patient health information like imaging studies, reports or laboratory data directly and securely via regular email. The WADO links themselves are secured by two-factor authentication prompting the recipient to enter the patient’s date of birth in order to be able to view or download shared data. A patient's data may be shared by giving access to all studies attached to their patient ID or only a specifically-chosen study, on a procedure approval basis, and either for a temporary time frame or without an expiration period at all. This allows fast, secure and easy sharing of any PHI without any software installation at the recipient’s location.

iQ-WEB is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable PACS for storing, distributing and viewing medical imaging studies and reports or other healthcare data.