Study download from within the viewer

Study download from within the viewer

iQ-4VIEW 2.2.3 now with DICOM download and improved windowing

A fresh version of our diagnostic zero-footprint viewer iQ-4VIEW is available with beneficial new features.

Study download from within the viewer

Many referring physicians want to manage an imaging study created at another healthcare facility in their own local PACS. The new iQ-4VIEW 2.2.3 allows a direct download of the study from within the viewer. The resulting ZIP file will contain all the DICOM objects of the downloaded study. The only requirement for using this option is that the user account of the physician who accesses the viewer was granted the permission to download studies.

Clicking the download button in the toolbar of iQ-4VIEW will save the study to the default download folder set for the web browser. If multiple studies are loaded in the viewer, the physician can select which study to download.

Give it a try!

Improved usability of windowing

In images where the contrast/brightness range is rather small, trying to do windowing with the mouse (and even more so with a finger) was difficult to do. A small action resulted in too big a change. This is especially obvious in CT/MR images (e.g. brain CT). CR images, which are usually larger and of higher resolution (more grayscale shades) were easier to handle, although, the higher the resolution, the slower windowing became.

Now, iQ-4VIEW handles windowing just like iQ-VIEW, dynamically adjusting any contrast/brightness changes in accordance with the respective image resolution.

The new setup (iQ-WEBX_6.7.3.4_iQ-4VIEW_2.2.3_64-Bit_Setup.exe) can be downloaded from our Download Center. You can use it both for new installations and for patching existing ones.