iQ-ROBOT 4.0 now with Concurrent Licensing Option

Just a couple of months after releasing the last version of our patient media burning solution iQ-ROBOT, we are now happy to present the new and enhanced version 4.0 which provides you with the following feature highlights:

What’s new?

  • Windows Server 2019 support
    Install and run iQ-ROBOT, iQ-ROBOT PRO and iQ-ROBOT PREMIUM on the Standard edition of this latest available server operating system.
  • Option for centralized license management
    Use one Concurrent Server to easily manage the licenses for all iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM installations in a network. Save time and overhead by choosing concurrent (i.e. floating) licenses instead of a computer-based licensing model.
  • Easier creation of media labels with several graphics
    Want to put your logo, a picture of your institution and maybe even more graphical elements together onto your media label? No problem: Simply position all the graphics directly on the label in the Label Editor to create the desired background template. No need to use an external graphics program to prepare a full background image.
  • Support of DICOM Storage Commitment
    When the station from which you send a study to be burned supports this service, iQ-ROBOT PRO/PREMIUM will immediately confirm the receipt of the images, thus providing you instantly with the information that the images were transmitted successfully and that the media creation can start.
  • Automatic retries for failed burn jobs
    In case an Epson or Primera robot detects an error while burning data on media, e.g. the storage medium is defect or the burned data cannot be verified completely, it can immediately retry to perform this job before continuing with the next one. You can adjust the number of retries in the Epson and Primera software.

Find out more about iQ-ROBOT 4.0 in the corresponding product brochure or download your free trial version in the Download Center or Sales Partner Area on our website (Products › iQ-ROBOT › Installation files › version 4.0).

Of course, anyone holding a valid Annual Service Package for their iQ-ROBOT license is entitled to upgrade to version 4.0 free of charge.