iQ-SYSTEM PACS: Ready for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

iQ-SYSTEM PACS – our home-grown picture archiving and communication system – can now also be used with Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

All iQ-SYSTEM PACS components, being iQ-WEB, iQ-4VIEW, iQ-VIEW/PRO and iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM, have been officially validated and released for the use on these operating systems.

If you / your customers would like to run our server-based products iQ-WEB and iQ-ROUTER on Windows Server 2022 or our workstation-based reading software iQ-VIEW and iQ-4VIEW on Windows 11, make sure that you use (provide them with) the latest software versions authorized for use on these new OS, which are:

  • iQ-WEB ≥
  • iQ-4VIEW ≥ 2.2
  • iQ-VIEW/PRO ≥ 3.1.8 (Concurrent server can be installed on Windows Server 2022)

Any previous versions to the above-mentioned ones must not be used in combination with Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022, as CE and FDA regulations do not allow using medical device software in an unsupported environment.