iQ-VIEW now displaying Radiation Dose Reports

iQ-VIEW 3.1.4 now displaying Radiation Dose Reports

We are pleased to announce that iQ-VIEW/PRO and iQ-LITE have made a step towards dose management as radiation dose reports are now displayed. Read more below about the newly added features in patch version 3.1.4.

What’s new?

  • Display of Radiation Dose Reports
    Keep an eye on the radiation doses emitted during the acquisition of the radiographic studies performed in your institution. The dose reports recording the information can be displayed in the viewer together with the image series.
  • Improved text overlay display
    Use the improved overlay mapping to display even more patient, study and image information directly in the viewer’s text overlay. The OverlayMapping.script allows you to extract values from items that are part of a sequence that, again, is part of a sequence. This can be particularly helpful in enhanced CT or MR studies, where information such as slice position and slice thickness are hidden in such nested sequences.
  • Multi-image TWAIN import
    You have scanned a multi-page lab report or took several photos of wounds or lesions that you need to attach to a radiological study? Save time now by selecting all the image files you need to import at once and transfer them into the “Import” dialog.

The patched installation file “iQ-VIEW_3D_3.1.4_Setup.exe” is available in the Download Center and replaces the old version.

Of course, anyone holding a valid Annual Service Package for their iQ-VIEW license is entitled to upgrade to version 3.1.4 free of charge.