iQ-WEB PORTAL: Easy and Secure Sharing of Medical Results

In healthcare, time is a decisive factor. Especially in radiology speedy processes can help increase the quality of patient care significantly or even save lives. Just think of medical images or reports that were formerly (or still today) sent by mail as film or CD. Modern web portals for referring physicians or patients, however, can provide immediate access to medical results 24/7, thereby avoiding wait times and leading to quicker diagnoses and treatment.

The latest addition to our iQ solution family offers exactly this: a convenient and secure option for radiologists to share medical images and reports with their referring physicians who in turn can also share them with their patients via iQ-WEB PORTAL.

By using iQ-WEB PORTAL you can

  • Share medical results, imaging studies and reports with your patients, referring or external reading physicians
  • Access studies in full diagnostic quality via QR code, direct login or via crypto web links
  • Share portal access e.g. via WhatsApp, paper-based QR codes or direct integration with HIS/RIS/EMR
  • Forget about client installation or any registration
  • Be fully compliant with HIPAA and GDPR requirements for patient data sharing
  • Use it on virtually any smartphone, tablet or computer

To find out more about iQ-WEB PORTAL, please feel free to download the respective solution brochure or try it on