Is it possible to use multiple demographic feeds for a DICOM modality worklist?

Yes, it is. iQ-WORKLIST may receive demographic data from multiple feeds simultaneously, including HL7 socket connections and/or file based HL7, BDT/GDT or any other proprietary structured plain text messages.

iQ-WORKLIST may be placed between multiple HIS/RIS/EMR and the modalities of an imaging center to simultaneously see all worklists at the imaging devices.

A typical scenario would involve two different organizations that provide the registration of different patients who are examined on the same machine. For example, one hospital has its own RIS and appointment system, which will generate a list of patients for a worklist, and another hospital has its own RIS and appointment system generating a list of patients for a second worklist.

In this case, both RIS databases would need to be interrogated at the same time as patients would come from either or both RIS at the same time. iQ-WORKLIST would then display a single combined list of both patients for the operator to select from.