More speed: iQ-4VIEW 2.2.9 for faster loading of large studies

Our diagnostic web viewer, iQ-4VIEW, is now faster than ever. From version 2.2.9, you can expect an even higher performance of iQ-4VIEW especially for large studies with many images. Loading multi-frame studies just got around three times faster.

What's new in iQ-4VIEW 2.2.9?

  • Higher performance of loading large studies
  • Modern text overlay
    • iQ-4VIEW now gives your studies a new, refined, state-of-the-art text overlay that loads even faster
    • Complete support of virtually any characters
  • Important cyber security fixes and update of used libraries in order to improve security and maintain compliance with HIPAA/GDPR
  • Multiple bugfixes, e.g.:
    • Structured reports are now created with the configurated specific character set
    • Image pre-generation for iQ-4VIEW would run multiple times for the same series (in some cases), resulting in degraded server performance and delayed image reception

iQ-4VIEW 2.2.9 is included in the iQ-WEB setup (iQ-WEB_6.7.3.12_iQ-4VIEW_2.2.9_64-Bit_Setup.exe) and can be downloaded from our Download Center. You can use it both for new installations and for patching existing ones.