New freeware: iQ-WORKLIST SCHEDULER 1.1 and iQ-WATCHDOG 2.1.1

Besides our commercial product portfolio, we also develop and maintain a number of helpful PACS tools that we are glad to provide to the IMAGE user community free of charge. Read below about the two latest additions to our freeware section.


The recently released iQ-WORKLIST SCHEDULER provides a web-based user interface for iQ-WORKLIST and serves the purpose of scheduling procedures in a DICOM environment. This application allows the user to enter patient demographics and procedure information and to send this data to iQ-WORKLIST from where connected imaging modalities can query the information. Once installed on the iQ-WORKLIST server, you can access the SCHEDULER from any device in the network with a modern web browser without requiring any additional software. This tool is especially helpful for medical institutions that don’t have a hospital information system (HIS), but modalities using the DICOM standard. iQ-WORKLIST SCHEDULER is available here for more information, download and try.



iQ-WATCHDOG is a complimentary PACS tool which helps you keep an eye on the availability of your DICOM services by continuously monitoring them. The tool sends periodic messages to the configured DICOM nodes in your local or remote medical network, thus checking if all DICOM services are up and running. In case these services become unavailable (or available again), iQ-WATCHDOG will notify you by email.

After this application was first released two years ago, it is now back in a new version. The following features have been added to iQ-WATCHDOG 2.1.1:

  • Added possibility to manually check all DICOM nodes at once
  • iQ-WATCHDOG Configurator table can now be sorted alphabetically, numerically or by color (e.g. for a more structured listing of the status of the nodes)
  • Allow usage of SMTP server without authentication
  • Node description is now added to notification emails
  • Confirmation pop-up after pressing the “Send test email” button to verify whether the email was sent successfully or not
  • Former “Periodic check” menu item is now displayed as either “Enable periodic check” or “Disable periodic check” depending on whether this option is currently activated for the selected DICOM node or not.
  • Fixed memory leak

Find out more about iQ-WATCHDOG here. Give it a try.