Redefining teleradiology: iQ-ROUTER 3.1

With the new release of iQ-ROUTER – our solution for image compression, teleradiology and remote workflow management – we are pleased to present the following feature highlights included in version 3.1

Windows Server 2019 support

Install and run iQ-ROUTER, iQ-ROUTER PRO and iQ-ROUTER PREMIUM on the Standard edition of this latest available server operating system.

More workflow options by connecting additional software plugins

Is there a piece of the puzzle missing for your perfect workflow? A router interface allows you to connect additional plug-ins that add even more functionality to the already plentiful features. For example, extend your workflow to include patient reconciliation on the basis of Worklist queries that are performed automatically, to match the patient/study information of transferred data with data already existing in those systems. In contrast to earlier versions, you can now use plug-ins with all editions – from basic iQ-ROUTER to iQ-ROUTER PREMIUM, giving you all the flexibility you need. These plug-ins are not part of the router setup but are deployed separately. Contact your local reseller for details on available options and a quote that matches your expectations.

Sending DICOM images without further compression or decompression

Use the new option of disabling the transfer syntax conversion to forward data passing through iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM with the same compression as received. This can speed up the transfer and avoid issues with transfer syntaxes not supported by the application.

Find out more about iQ-ROUTER 3.1 in the corresponding product brochure or download your free trial version in the Download Center on our website.