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Better safe (and secure) than sorry: Update your systems – Windows 10 versions to be discontinued

In 2021, Microsoft will stop supporting several Windows 10 versions as they have reached their end of life. This means that no more security updates will be available for these operating systems and the doors to potential cyber security risks may be wide open after the announced deadlines.

Which Windows 10 versions are affected? Find the corresponding end-of-service dates below:

Windows 10 Version Discontinuation date for companies
Windows 10 20H2»May 9, 2023
Windows 10 2004»December 14, 2021
Windows 10 1909»May 10, 2022
Windows 10 1809»May 11, 2021
Windows 10 1803»May 11, 2021


As a medical device manufacturer, we are required to ensure that our software products only run on supported operating systems for safety and security reasons. We will, therefore, stop activating any software licenses installed on Windows 10 1809 and Windows 10 1803 from May 11, 2021. After that date we will no longer provide technical support for iQ software that is running on these outdated operating systems. This applies to both diagnostic and non-diagnostic use.

We strongly recommend acting immediately. To prevent your (customers’) medical networks from hacker attacks and malicious software, it is essential to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10, which currently is version 20H2.

ATTENTION: Especially for iQ-WEB installations on Windows 10 (instead of Windows Server) challenges may arise along with upgrades. The issue is related to Windows as it gets confused with iQ-WEB’s Application IDs after specific updates. Find a registry update HERE to fix the issue. Simply extract the file onto the iQ-WEB system and execute it with administrator privileges.

Also we kindly remind you (your customers) to keep the systems up to date by performing necessary updates. For further information, check the “Maintenance” chapter in the Administration Guide of the corresponding iQ product.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information or the system upgrade, feel free to contact us at any time. Our sales and support teams are happy to help you.