How to correct two patients scanned in as one patient?

It happens more often than one would think: two patients are scanned in as one patient together with the corresponding images and worklists. This is a result of human error, which can be eradicated by using iQ-VIEW.

Just follow these simple steps to separate the series using iQ-VIEW (A) and a PACS (B). [It is assumed that all data is on the second station (B - PACS or workstation).]

  1. Load the complete data from B into A (by file or by DICOM transfer)
  2. Delete the data on the source station B
  3. Send only the series with the correct patient data set back to B (a selection on series level in iQ-VIEW study browser)
  4. Delete the just transferred data set on A
  5. Select the patient on A and click on “Modify”
  6. Make sure you change at least:
    • Patient name
    • Patient ID
    • Study Instance UID
    • Accession No.
  7. Send the corrected 2nd data set to B
  8. On B there should now be two separate patients