European Cyberknife Center, Munich, Germany

The European Cyberknife Center uses DICOMReader for a reliable import of external patient data into their PACS system. 

The European Cyberknife Center in Munich is an ultramodern treatment center which uses high-precision image guidance and modern robotics to perform radiosurgery on patients from all over the world. The center was established in 2005 as the first Cyberknife installation in Germany. Since then more than 3,500 patients have been treated successfully with this non-invasive technology substituting surgical intervention for specially selected cases.

In the Cyberknife Center’s daily routine, good imaging is an essential prerequisite for patient selection and subsequent treatment planning, which is based on CT, MRI and PET imaging. While high-resolution CT studies are generated by the on-site CT scanner, all imaging data originating from other modalities are provided by external imaging centers from all over the world. Patients and referring physicians submit medical imaging data for initial evaluation, treatment planning and follow up either on CD/DVD, or by uploading the data through the upload option on the Cyberknife home page. The center receives up to 50 external patient data sets every day which are then transferred to the center’s PACS system using DICOMReader.

Mr. Christian Drexler, senior medical physicist, explains how DICOMReader has been integrated into the Cyberknife center’s workflow and how the software has been received by the users.

“DICOMReader is an effective, fast and easy-to-use tool for scanning the data source, identifying suitable image files, and sending DICOM data to our PACS system with a very high success rate. An automatic DICOM query of the PACS database assures that new imaging data is reliably assigned to the proper patient by editing DICOM header information on the fly.”

Mr. Drexler continues, “We have been using DICOMReader for over 5 years now. Initially, we were testing the free DICOMReader version – among other products - and it turned out that DICOMReader was the perfect tool for reliable data import. The program improved our workflow and, most importantly, the software was quickly accepted by our office staff. After an evaluation period where IMAGE Information Systems’ support was always very helpful to identify and solve any import-related issues and was responsive to our wishes and suggestions for improvement, we upgraded to DICOMReader PRO in order to use the PACS query functionality.”