Borstel Research Center and Lung Hospital, Germany

The Borstel Research Center nearby Hamburg is the Lung Research Center of the Leibniz Association in Germany. It investigates pulmonary diseases such as asthma, lung infections and especially tuberculosis in order to derive new innovative concepts for their prevention, diagnosis and therapy. For this purpose, the Borstel Research Center operates a specialist hospital for lung diseases with 81 beds.

A stable PACS, please!

Before the lung hospital contacted IMAGE Information Systems with the desire for a new PACS, they were facing instability challenges with their old PACS, which had a negative impact on everyday hospital life. Of course, downtimes and service delays led to dissatisfaction over time. Remedy could finally be provided by iQ-SYSTEM PACS – our easily configurable, highly scalable picture archiving and communication system.

Between the first contact in November 2015 and the signed order in March 2016 only lay five months. The key factors for choosing iQ-SYSTEM PACS were on the one hand IMAGE’s international references in managing tuberculosis imaging projects, on the other hand the promised data migration from the legacy PACS and last but not least the all-inclusive price and the opportunity to have a completely web-based solution. Especially the latter turned out to be an enormous advantage a few years later during the coronavirus pandemic.

Data Migration and HIS Integration

Two challenges had to be managed during the project: the migration of the legacy data from the previous PACS, and the integration of the existing hospital information system into the new PACS. Therefore, the implementation was carried out in two steps. The first part concerning the data migration of the old PACS to the new iQ-WEBX took much longer than expected, as the legacy data were in a bad condition. In the second phase, the existing Hospital Information System was integrated. In the course of the software exchange, the Borstel Research Center also renewed its hardware and changed the existing server with the help of the IMAGE team.

Due to the step-by-step implementation and integration, all parties involved were satisfied with the result – a complete web-based HIS-RIS-PACS hospital solution. The customer was not only happy about the robust and fast operation of the new solution, but also with the customer service.

“We have learned to appreciate the high levels of service and fast response times of IMAGE Information Systems”,

confirmed Prof. Dr. med. P. Zabel, Medical Director of the Research Center Borstel.

With the installation, the Borstel Research Center is now able to handle its workload with a completely web-based HIS-RIS-PACS hospital solution. One of the biggest advantages of the hospital within the corona pandemic, since Borstel Research Center is one of the largest COVID-19 centers in Northern Germany treating severe cases.