IDIME - Instituto Diagnóstico Médico, Colombia

IDIME comprises 13 medical imaging centers with over 3,000 patients a day. Since 2006, iQ-SYSTEM helps them to maintain the overview of their medical imaging workflow while saving time and operating costs.

With its more than 13 medical imaging centers, IDIME embodies the largest chain of imaging centers in Colombia. They offer a big spectrum of medical studies and diagnostics attending more than 3000 patients a day. Such an enormous workflow requires a lot of coordination and represents a huge challenge to medical imaging management.

In order to maintain the overview and to remove the existing bottlenecks, IDIME started to move towards digitalization by installing their first PACS in 2006. This solution did not only include iQ-WEBX as archiving system and iQ-VIEW as DICOM viewers, but also a series of products of the iQ-SYSTEM PACS family which were running in the background. These programs, such as iQ-ROUTER and iQ-WORKLIST have made the process even faster and more organized.

Thanks to iQ-SYSTEM PACS, IDIME was able to reduce their operating costs remarkably, while increasing their service level at the same time. The time-saving aspect was also significant, since the study workflow to the diagnostic center was accelerated. This way, reading physicians do not have to permanently move to other establishments and both referring physicians and clients are happy, because they receive their results earlier than before.