National Screening Program for Men in Scotland, UK

IMAGE contributed to Scotland’s National Screening Program for aortic aneurysms in men by providing a solution for storing, viewing, distributing and reporting on medical images.

NHS-Scotland has selected our partner Atos to support the roll-out of a new national screening program’s IT system for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA). Currently, there is no existing vascular screening system worldwide.

Atos’ IT solution will be used by NHS-Scotland staff at all stages of the new screening process, which will call all men aged 65 for AAA screening. The aim of the process is to significantly reduce the mortality rate across the male population.

To provide a solution for storing, viewing, distributing, and reporting on DICOM medical images, Atos partnered with IMAGE, who developed a vascular diagnostic system. The information and management system delivered by Atos includes Call/Recall, Clinic Management, alerts management, organizational management, participant management, letter management, electronic referrals to vascular services and standardized auditing, among other features.

Procedures are performed in dedicated centers and mobile (offline) screening units. The iQ vascular screening system automatically detects measurements in DICOM data and hands them over to the screening management system. All images are stored in a central web based server. Previous images are available for both online and offline screening units using the iQ-ROUTER PREMIUM prefetching manager.

Atos are pleased to be working in partnership with NHS-Scotland to enhance the delivery of healthcare across Scotland. Being awarded this contract is testament to their breadth and depth of current screening knowledge, something which will be invaluable throughout the delivery of the project.

The AAA IT system will go live on 25 June, 2012, and will be delivered over ten years.