Omnimagem, Brazil

Omnimagen entered the PACS world by implementing iQ-SYSTEM PACS and integrated it with a locally developed web reports tool to provide doctors and patients with reports and images through the web. 

Omnimagem is an imaging center located in Fortaleza, the biggest city in the northeastern region of Brazil. They currently perform MRI, CT, NM, X-ray and mammography studies. They have recently purchased one of the first PET/CT equipments sold in Brazil, the only one in their region, which is already installed and working. They are very proud of it. Omnimagem is very focused on using technology to reduce costs and also to provide patients with faster and more accurate diagnostic results. Consequently, last year they decided to enter into the PACS world and chose iQ-SYSTEM PACS to provide their radiologists with the best tools to review images from all modalities in a fast and more accurate way than using the regular radiographic film.

In order to provide their patients and requesting physicians with an easy way to access study images and reports, our local reseller, Tener, which is also a RIS software developing company, created a tool they called "Laudo-Web" ("Web-reports" in English). Reports are stored in the RIS database while images are stored in the iQ-WEBX server. Requesting physicians and patients can view reports and images by accessing Omnimagem's website and clicking on the "Laudo-Web" link and logging into the system with their user name and password. Laudo-Web along with the iQ-WEBX WADO software interface create a very secure environment to view reports and images by providing access only to restricted patient information. Patients can view only their own reports and images while requesting physicians can access reports and images only from their own patients.

The system has been in operation since August 2009 and is very well received by Omnimagem's physicians and customers. It is a success story of a fully accomplished implementation of iQ-SYSTEM PACS integrated with a local RIS developer to provide doctors and patients with reports and images through the web.