Orange Veterinary Hospital, NSW, Australia

The Orange Veterinary Hospital wanted to go to a form of chemical-free processing and be able to take images out in the field as well as in the practice.


The Orange Veterinary Hospital was established in the 1940's and has been servicing the companion, performance and production animals of Orange and the surrounding district for over 50 years. The Orange Vet practice is a genuine mixed practice with 60% of the practice serving small animals, 25% horses and 15% cattle, alpacas and others.

Kim Rolls is a vet with the Orange Vet Hospital and works with a team of over 20 staff. He explained that the motivation to move to a digital practice was a considered one. Research into digital and computer radiology options were explored. The first consideration was that they wanted to go to a form of processing without all the chemicals. Having a mixed practice with 60% small animals and the rest large farm animals, the second consideration was to be able to take images out in the field as well as in the practice. The cost of several digital computers was prohibitive; however, the portable CR option served both purposes. The third consideration was being able to get it installed successfully, so it just worked with little involvement from the vets.

The issue for many vets Kim explains “Nowadays it is hard enough keeping up with all the information just being a vet, let alone the complexity that comes with this sort of digital technology. It is extremely important that we don’t have to deal with that sort of thing. We just don’t have the time. Dealing with ARO Systems meant that we could put it out of our minds”.

ARO Systems had the right solution to meet all their requirements. By offering a Kodak CR combined with IMAGE Information Systems’ veterinary product line VET-PACS a whole new world of digital imaging benefits has been opened for the vet hospital.

Kim explained that the practice has been enjoying the benefit of moving the practice to a digital imaging CR product based system from a film process with chemicals.

“We are very happy with the system. It is both affordable and does what we wanted. At the start there were some issues but the team from ARO Systems couldn’t have been more helpful. The service has been exemplary. As we are a large organisation with over 20 computers we can access radiography images anywhere which is much more convenient and quickly forward them to other practices for referral purposes which is a real time saver.”