University Physicians Medical Center, Philippines

The University Physicians Medical Center uses iQ-PRINT and iQ-ROBOT for medical image documentation on paper or CD/DVD respectively. 

The University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC) in Manila, Philippines, is a multi-specialty outpatient facility which is catering to the ambulatory private clientele of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Situated within the confines of the National University Hospital, the facility is dedicated to the geographic practice of the Faculty of the UP College of Medicine (UPCM), PGH and other allied health units of the University of the Philippines Manila.

The Center comprises 60 medical offices, an ambulatory surgery center as well as fully digitized radiologic and clinical laboratory facilities. With a staff of more than 300 physicians in 15 specialties and 75 sub-specialties and an average of 2,000 patients seen daily, the UPMC is regarded as one of the largest and busiest hospital-based out-patient private facilities in the country.

Filrad Corp., sales partner of IMAGE Information Systems in the Philippines, recently installed three different software applications at the UPMC. Thus, as an addition to their technologically advanced network infrastructure, the Medical Center is now working with iQ-PRINT, iQ-ROBOT and iQ-VIEW.

Mr. Jose V. Tecson, M.D., Medical and Ancillary Director at UPMC, explains what has made his institution opt for the implementation of these products. “Due to the rising cost of films”, he says, “we decided to print images using the iQ-PRINT solution to document the images on ordinary laser paper. It is very economical with savings up to 90% when compared with film. iQ-PRINT’s powerful internal calibration allows us to print images on paper almost similar to the quality of films.”

Regarding iQ-ROBOT, he points out that this solution for automated burning of medical image CDs/DVDs allows them to easily handle the work without too much strain on their personnel. Since the hospital is expected to document images on CD/DVD and there are many studies coming from different modalities such as X-ray, US, CT and MRI, iQ-ROBOT is of great help to the institution. Mr. Tecson further definitely sees the label function as a bonus and an opportunity for them to market their facility.

According to Mr. Tecson, also iQ-VIEW has been positively received. “Our radiologic technologists find iQ-VIEW easy to learn and use”, he says and continues “An added feature of sending studies and reports by email is certainly a nice feature which we will be implementing as needed."