Uppsala University Hospital

Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden

The Uppsala University Hospital uses iQ-VIEW for export and import of examinations from external media into their PACS, as well as for error tracking and DICOM related configurations.

Uppsala University Hospital is Sweden's oldest university hospital. The first department was established as early as 1708.

The hospital’s characteristic is to always look for new, innovative solutions. They make the best use of new technology, new scientific findings and new ways of working in order to solve medical problems and to continuously improve the way they take care of their patients.

Today, the hospital is one of Sweden’s most complete regional hospitals, with around 40 departments and over 8,200 employees. The hospital’s main fields of activity are medical care, teaching and research. Education and research are undertaken in close collaboration with the Medical Faculty of Uppsala University.

The Image and Function Medical Center (BFC) at Uppsala University Hospital is a merger of the operations Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and X-ray. At BFC they perform patient related diagnostics, using medical technical equipment. Extensive research is also performed in the department.

In BFC, iQ-VIEW is used partly by the Medical technical Engineers as a complement by error tracking and DICOM related configurations and partly by the Administrative department for export and import of examinations from external media into their PACS.