Flexible & Customer-oriented

We take the wishes and needs of our customers seriously, because – for us – the user is the heart of our organization. Together with our sales partners, we are always searching for the best solution to optimize our customer’s workflows and to implement their requirements. The ideas and suggestions of our customers find their way into our products so that all can benefit from them. It is one of our strengths to respond to customer requirements individually.

Quick & Reliable

In medicine, every minute counts. Therefore, a quick reaction to incoming support and license requests is of vital importance. According to our quality standard, we try not to exceed a response time of 24 hours. Prompt decisions and well-practiced procedures support quick and precise responses.

Friendly & Cooperative

We maintain a respectful and helpful interaction in our organization. To be on first-name terms throughout all levels, expresses the familiar and fair atmosphere. As a multi-cultural organization, we benefit from the cultural diversity and individuality of our colleagues. To achieve the best possible results, we pursue close cooperation among all teams as well as an open dialog with all our partners.

Ethical & Quality-tested

Patient safety is our top priority. Regardless of whether with the careful development and validation of our software, with the technical support or with the prompt activation of licenses, every employee makes the best of every day to minimize potential risks for patients. At IMAGE Information Systems, we ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by having implemented an effective quality management system that is annually reviewed, analyzed and optimized regarding possible trouble spots.

Socially Responsible

We think that it is important and necessary to accept social responsibility. Even in poor and remote regions of the world – where major corporations do not see market potential – we offer digital progress in medical care with our products. With our solutions and our expertise, we support the development of health care systems in many countries and rising markets. We are also committed locally where we promote social projects and support public charity.