The iQ-WEB WADO interface can seamlessly integrate iQ-WEB with virtually any medical information system in order to provide quick and easy access to imaging studies and reports from a HIS, EMR or practice management system.

Single Sign-On

Immediate access to any study or report for your referring physicians and patients. 

WADO Links

WADO links or QR codes provide secure image access via Email, Whatsapp, paper or any other media.

State-of-the-art Security

iQ-WEBX WADO complies with US and European data protection laws and regulations and offers high-security image access through AES encrypted WADO links.

QR Codes for Study Sharing

iQ-WEB - Login screen
1. Login to iQ-WEB.
Create WADO Link
2. Select a study and click the “WADO Link” button.
Create QR code
3. Create a QR code by clicking “Show/Hide QR Code”.
Try the QR code
4. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to easily open and share the study.

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