As the demand for radiological studies is constantly growing, it is essential for imaging centers to optimize their workflow to the extent that they are able to accommodate more and more patients. Our solutions for PACS and RIS help imaging centers achieve a higher patient throughput by means of a streamlined workflow and efficient reporting tools.    



iQ-SYSTEM PACS simply does what a PACS is supposed to do, namely to offer a stable and reliable performance with an average uptime nearing 100%.

Rapid Reports

The time passing between the end of an imaging study and the release of the final report is one of the key indicators for the imaging center’s performance. iQ-RIS and iQ-SYSTEM PACS ensure short report turnaround times due to features such as structured reporting, voice recognition or previous study management.  

Easy Result Sharing

Radiologists can flexibly choose how they want to share medical images and reports with the referring physicians. iQ-SYSTEM PACS and iQ-RIS allow for both classic report communication via paper, fax or CD, as well as modern web portal options for easy image access from anywhere. 


Imaging Centers Workflow

iQ Solutions for Imaging Centers

iQ-VIEW PRO / 3DThe radiology reading station
DICOMReader PRORead any DICOM CD into your PACS
iQ-WEBThe carefree, all-inclusive PACS for storage, teleradiology and image distribution
iQ-XDiagnostic 2D web viewer
iQ-4VIEWDiagnostic zero-footprint 2D viewer
iQ-FUSIONZero-footprint viewer for web-based PET/CT image fusion
iQ-WEB2GOMedical Images ON THE GO on any portable device
iQ-WORKLIST PRODICOM worklist server
iQ-WEB WADOImage access from any information system
iQ-ROUTER PRODICOM gateway communication and data homogenization
iQ-ROBOT PROAutomatic burning and labeling of patient media
iQ-MIGRATIONSimple DICOM data migration solution
iQ-RISThe smart radiology workflow manager