DICOM Structured Reports have significantly improved medical diagnostic report communication as they are readable by medical information systems worldwide and lead to a much better report turnaround time. But outside of the radiology department, referring and treating physicians still rather prefer to receive the results for their patient’s procedures in a PDF or paper format.

iQ-SR2PDF CONVERTER helps to combine the efficiency of a DICOM SR with the traditional expectations of receiving a radiology report in letter form.

This smart application complements our product range and offers our PACS customers further advantages. It automatically transforms DICOM Structured Reports from both iQ-4VIEW and iQ-VIEW into customized PDF letters and makes them available for sharing.



Automatically turns iQ-4VIEW/iQ-VIEW Structured Reports into DICOM PDF files copying the patient demographics and SR content into a template-based Word document.


Uses your customized templates for individual report designs, including your institution’s letter head, logos, text formatting and even digital signatures of the involved physicians.


Stores the created PDF letters in iQ-WEB or any other PACS. From there, they can be shared across DICOM networks, downloaded and printed, sent to referring physicians or handed out to patients.


Save valuable time and automatically transform iQ-4VIEW and iQ-VIEW DICOM SR into DICOM PDF

Create your report templates per imaging center (institution), radiology reading group (reading entity) or radiologist (reading physician)

Manage the PDF reports for referring physicians in iQ-WEB or any other PACS supporting DICOM PDF objects

Share the reports with multiple DICOM targets (using iQ-WEB)

Digitally sign the reports by adding single (verifier) or dual signature (verifier and observer)

Use patient ID barcodes (EAN-13 and UPC-A supported)

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