Marie Curie Hospital, Bucharest, Romania

Originally, the Marie Curie hospital was working with heterogeneous systems, including both freeware tools and a multi-vendor environment. IMAGE’s Romanian sales partner, Data...

University of Michigan, USA

The University of Michigan Health System and its academic medical center at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has selected the concurrent user floating license model of...

AarReha Schinznach, Switzerland

AarReha Schinznach has upgraded their existing iQ-VIEW licenses to a concurrent user model instead of keeping the single-user licensing system.

Methodist Hospital, Chicago, USA

The Methodist Hospital of Chicago implemented a hospital-wide radiology dictation system, aiming to facilitate their radiology reading processes.

Grünstadt District Hospital, Germany

The hospital was seeking access to medical studies directly from its HIS system. IMAGE rapidly offered a solution to this challenge by using a customized iQ-WEBX WADO interface.

Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden

The Uppsala University Hospital uses iQ-VIEW for export and import of examinations from external media into their PACS, as well as for error tracking and DICOM related...