Concurrent licenses: Changed setup procedure for concurrent server

The installation of concurrent licenses always requires a concurrent licensing server. With our previous licensing system, the concurrent license server was always included in the respective product setup. This has changed, however, when we switched to our new licensing system iQ-LICENSE 2.x.

Find out below the main differences between both systems regarding the concurrent server setup:

 NEW Setup Procedure for Concurrent Server (new license system - iQ-LICENSE 2.x)*PREVIOUS Procedure for Concurrent Server (old license systems - iQ-LICENSE 1.x)
Server installationAlways separate setup (available in Download Center; Admin Guide available here)Always included in product setup
Application client installationEither single or concurrent license option has to be selected during installationSame installation for single/concurrent license
Ports usedConfigurable in concurrent server TCP and UDP both supported and can be configured separately (default: TCP 2314 and UDP 25000)Specified per product
License managementOne concurrent server for all licenses (!!! For products with new licensing system only !!!)*Individual concurrent server per product, one per machine
License server locationWAN (Internet) or LANLAN only

With iQ-3D we still have one software product that uses the previous licensing system and includes the concurrent server directly in the product setup. However, please note that for iQ-VIEW (required to use iQ-3D) the separate download of the concurrent server is needed. As a consequence, a parallel operation of both concurrent servers is possible.

* Concurrent licensing is currently available for the following iQ products: iQ-VIEW/PRO/3D (starting with version 2.7); DICOMReader/PRO, iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM, iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM (starting with version 4.0), iQ-4VIEW, iQ-FUSION