What are the major differences between iQ-WEB RIS and iQ-RIS?

Both are Radiological Information Systems, but how do they differ from each other?


iQ-WEB RIS is a flexible, web-based Radiology Information System, which can easily be customized to meet the requirements of any hospital or imaging center. Its truly zero-footprint architecture requires no installation or configuration on the user computers. iQ-WEB RIS focusses on teleradiology projects or projects with slow network connections, as it specializes in:

  • Web-based order scheduling
  • Web-based procedure management
  • Web-based reading / reporting
  • HL7 integrations



iQ-RIS accelerates the radiology workflow by providing management solutions for small practices. Its client-server based architecture requires no internet access. iQ-RIS advanced features include:

  • Speech recognition (e.g. Dragon) interface
  • Basic invoicing and internal communication option
  • Internal communication / chat
  • Medical or general alert notifications
  • HL7 scheduling (ORM filled vetting list + drag / drop into calendar)