Efficient radiation dose management with iQ-DOSE

Radiological examinations are frequently used in today’s medicine due to the sound, non-invasive diagnostic possibilities they offer. With the increasing number of those imaging studies, however, it is also necessary to keep an eye on the radiation to which patients are exposed. As a consequence, many countries have established regulations and guidelines, in order to protect patients from unnecessary radiation and to ensure an efficient radiation dose management.

With iQ-DOSE, IMAGE has developed an innovative and cost-effective radiation dose management solution which provides imaging centers and hospitals the possibility to manage doses with minimum human effort.

iQ-DOSE allows to automatically monitor and document the radiation dose applied during imaging procedures and creates automatic overdose notifications to enable medical institutions to immediately take needed measures and to meet legal requirements.

Here are some of iQ-DOSE’s highlights:

  • Automatic monitoring, documentation and analysis of patient radiation dose information
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Minimum human interaction effort
  • Vendor-neutral solution compatible with any PACS
  • Support of virtually all CT scanners, angiography, fluoroscopy, mammography and x-ray devices
  • Customizable dose alarm threshold per procedure/modality to meet local reporting duties
  • Clear visualization of evaluation results through traffic light colors
  • Overdose justification using text macros or free text
  • Automatic overdose notification e-mails
  • Daily, weekly or monthly report e-mails
  • Export of monitoring results via .csv for further processing, e.g. in Excel

Learn more about iQ-DOSE from our website or the respective product flyer and try it out yourself with the free 30-day trial version available in our Download Center. In case you have missed our introductory iQ-DOSE webinar in April, you will find the recording in our Sales Partner Login Area.