First general PACS with cardio functions by default

PACS provider IMAGE Information Systems implements cardiology measurement functions in their iQ-WEB 6.7.3 PACS to contribute to the efficient treatment of heart diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the western world and a large number of people suffer from heart issues worldwide. Imaging diagnostics are crucial to be able to measure cardiac functions in order to decide on therapy plans that can significantly improve and extend the lives of patients. However, no general PACS has included cardiac analysis tools until now.

IMAGE acknowledges the importance of this matter by being the world´s first vendor to implement cardiac quantification tools as standard features in their PACS. The system’s diagnostic viewer iQ-4VIEW now offers heart-related measurements, such as cardiac ejection fraction or ventricular and atrial volumes by default, without the need to invest in additional cardiology modules. By using iQ-WEB 6.7.3, physicians can now verify, quantify and diagnose cardiac irregularity anywhere, anytime — with a web browser of their choice and without any need for installation. Healthcare is therefore improved significantly as the data of cardiac patients can be easily shared between cardiologists, radiologists and referring physicians.  

iQ-WEB is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable PACS for storing, distributing and viewing medical imaging studies and reports. iQ-4VIEW is a diagnostic zero-footprint viewer which allows iQ-WEB 6.7.3 users to view and review medical images at high speed.