IMAGE releases free iQ-DICOMTEST 4.0 - the world's easiest-to-use DICOM client tester

PACS provider IMAGE Information Systems headquartered in Rostock, Germany, has developed a new and enhanced version of their freeware tool iQ-DICOMTEST to allow for easy vendor-neutral DICOM testing.

DICOM devices often provide only limited logging information to analyze communication errors. This may lead to downtimes or high costs spent on the consulting fees of service providers.
Although there are several feature-rich analysis tools available on the market, these are often complex in use.

With iQ-DICOMTEST 4.0, PACS administrators can easily get to the bottom of encountered communication issues and thoroughly test their DICOM clients. The easy-to-use application allows the user to initiate various DICOM commands and trace possible issues by means of the detailed log information it provides.

iQ-DICOMTEST 4.0 includes the following capabilities:

  • Send a C-ECHO to an SCP (Service Class Provider)
  • Query a Worklist or a PACS with a fully customizable layout
  • Send a C-STORE of individual files or whole folder to an SCP including conversion to various transfer syntaxes
  • Send a Storage Commitment to an SCP
  • Detailed log information for each DICOM command
  • Dump DICOM files
  • Show the difference between two DICOM files
  • Dump a list of customizable DICOM tags from multiple files

The software can be executed on any Windows PC and requires no license. It is available for free download through IMAGE Information Systems' website.

Besides iQ-DICOMTEST, IMAGE Information Systems offers further PACS tools free of charge to the medical imaging community with the intention of helping provide better services in healthcare.