iQ-4VIEW - how to see tissue density in CT images under the mouse pointer

For the evaluation of images, the density of tissues plays an important role. These values can provide conclusions about tissue types and can assist in the detection of pathological deviations. This is especially used in CT images, where such information is given in so-called Hounsfield units (HU).

While iQ-4VIEW offers several measurement tools for the calculation of density in specific areas, there is also an easy way to determine the density value of an exact point or pixel.

iQ-4VIEW can display these density values in CT images directly without the user having to select a measurement function first.

How this works exactly depends on the mode in which iQ-4VIEW is used:

  • In client mode, this value is displayed and updated automatically with every mouse movement.
  • In server mode, the user needs to click into the intended area in the image in order to get the density information.

iQ-4VIEW shows the calculated value in the left middle of the respective view in the image processing area.