iQ-ROUTER 4.0 with enhanced forwarding and redesigned Router Monitor

Since the last release of iQ-ROUTER, we have given our solution for image compression, teleradiology and remote workflow management a complete makeover.

Here are some of the highlights you/your customers will benefit from when integrating the freshly released version 4.0 into your/their healthcare networks:

Easier administration and more automatized handling of data forwarding

  • Forwarding jobs are now stored persistently in an SQL database.
  • Jobs are automatically resumed after a router restart and need no administrator to manually interfere.
  • Successful jobs are removed immediately for a clean database.
  • Failed jobs are stored for a customizable number of days (default: 30 days) for administrator follow-up.

Better workload handling by limiting the maximum number of simultaneous forwarding jobs to the same destination

How can this help? Some destinations have very limited bandwidth. Without limiting the maximum number of jobs, multiple forwarding jobs may clog all available “lines” and unnecessarily slow down other forwarding jobs that are less bottlenecked by network bandwidth.

Performance advantage through more flexible time management

Forwarding to a destination where the data is not immediately needed (e.g. a backup archive) can prevent more time-critical forwarding jobs from being processed. The consequence: Images arrive delayed at their intended destination. To avoid this, forward jobs can now be configured to only send data within a certain time frame, e.g. outside the usual working hours or during less frequented time periods.

Bringing more stability into slower networks

In environments with very limited network bandwidths, it is possible that data transfers run into timeout issues. iQ-ROUTER 4.0 supports three new timeout options (values: socket send, socket receive and connection timeout) that allow administrators to avoid such issues. Evaluate the reason for the timeouts and adjust the appropriate value.

Faster overview and better access to administrative functions with the redesigned Router Monitor

  • Start and stop the router service directly from the monitor’s user interface.
  • Access the router configuration (wizard and manual) from the Router Monitor. No need to open a second application anymore.
  • Use the newly added table listing all forwarding jobs to get a quick overview and easily detect transmission failures.

Find out more about iQ-ROUTER 4.0 in the corresponding product brochure or download your free trial version from the Download Center on our website.