Out now: iQ-VIEW 3.1.101 Patch with new licensing system

Our latest iQ-VIEW patch version previously announced in our September newsletter is now released and available for you to download from our website. Find out below which features have been recently included in our diagnostic viewing software.

What's new in iQ-VIEW 3.1.101?

  • More reliable license system
    With the newly implemented iQ-LICENSE licensing system, this release puts an end to a number of licensing-related bugs, especially randomly lost licenses. The new license library is robust and even allows to manage concurrent iQ-VIEW licenses centrally on the same iQ-LICENSE server as other products like iQ-ROUTER, DICOMReader and iQ-ROBOT.
    For the time being, license dialogs will only be available in English, German and Spanish language after the update. However, further languages will be added over time and delivered with one of the next patch versions.
  • Modernized application
    We updated a lot of dependencies under the hood to make the application more robust against an ever-changing environment, including media burning and licensing.
  • Support of modern email clients to send DICOM email
    iQ-VIEW/PRO now supports modern 32- and 64-bit email clients, e.g. Outlook (Microsoft 365).
  • Deployment of iQ-LITE 3.2
    With this release of iQ-VIEW/PRO, we also provide the new iQ-LITE, which has become a non-medical device with version 3.2.

To install this patch version and benefit from the advantages of the new licensing system and other enhancements, your customers will need to activate a new license. It is important to keep this in mind before installing iQ-VIEW 3.1.101 and to proceed in the following order:

  1. Check if a valid Annual Service Package is in place or renewal is needed.
  2. In case of concurrent licenses, please contact our support team before installing any update.
  3. Reset the currently installed iQ-VIEW license first and get the uninstall file.
  4. Afterwards update/upgrade iQ-VIEW to version 3.1.101.
  5. Send the license information of the new version and the uninstall file of the previous version to (the local reseller to be forwarded to) license[]image-systems[dot]biz.

Please note that without a reset and proper uninstall file of the old version, we will not be able to issue a new license. It will not be possible to deactivate the previous license after the update/upgrade.

The iQ-VIEW 3.1.101 patch is now available in our Download Center and can be used both for new installations and for patching existing ones. In the latter case, it is of utmost importance to follow the instructions given in the iQ-VIEW 3.1.101 Update Guide.