iQ-WEB now with new WADO modes and cyber security updates

New WADO modes

The integration of secure links to DICOM studies into practice management or hospital information systems is important for an efficient medical imaging workflow. Many vendors of electronic healthcare record or practice management systems face challenges in encrypting WADO links or cannot receive encrypted WADO links.

The new version of iQ-WEB supports both encrypted and unencrypted WADO links with additional authentication. This makes WADO link integrations easily possible with virtually any information system.

For security reasons, unencrypted WADO links are designed to always require an authentication e.g. by using a user name and password of the referring physician.

Let’s try this, shall we? Click the unencrypted WADO link below and see what happens.

unencrypted WADO link

Please note: With this software update, also customers who use LDAP and WADO simultaneously can start upgrading from previous iQ-WEB versions, as combined WADO/LDAP support is now included.

Cyber security updates

Approximately 90% of cyber security attacks occur in the healthcare sector. Frequently, ransom is extorted from the healthcare institutions that were attacked. It takes not only days but weeks and a lot of manpower to get such a network up and running again smoothly. All the while patients will be at risk and you are (your customer is) going to lose money.

With older versions of our iQ-WEB software, attackers could use scripting to take control of the system and, through it, of the entire network. This loophole is closed with the current patch.

So, even for those of you (your customers) who do not use WADO links, an update to iQ-WEB is most certainly a really good idea. Make sure to protect iQ-WEB as the heart of your (their) imaging network. The time and effort needed to reconquer a captured network by far outmatches the time and effort needed for updating our software to the latest version.

The new setup (iQ-WEBX_6.7.3.4_iQ-4VIEW_2.2.3_64-Bit_Setup.exe) can be downloaded from our Download Center. You can use it both for new installations and for patching existing ones.