iQ-WEB now with CSV export function for any kind of statistics

Statistical analysis is important in today’s radiology business in order to keep an eye on productivity, performance, service quality and costs. The new iQ-WEB version enables the healthcare facility to export any data shown on the EasyWEB page and thus create any desired statistics. Check out this and other features that have been added to this recently released version.

What’s new in iQ-WEB

  • CSV export of table content from the EasyWEB page
    Medical users often need statistics, e.g. to count the number of CT scans read by a radiologist for billing purposes, to find out the number of patients entering an institution, the number of images acquired per day or other organizational KPIs etc. The EasyWEB page of any updated iQ-WEB now allows to open the entire EasyWEB table content in Excel via a CSV file in order to process such data within seconds.
  • Assignment of multiple studies to a radiologist for reading
    Multiple studies can now be assigned to a radiologist for reading using an additional drop-down menu and button located on the EasyWEB page. This saves time for all organizations with a PACS-driven workflow.
  • Official support for modern operating systems
    iQ-WEB and iQ-4VIEW now support Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
  • Important cybersecurity fixes
  • MySQL ≥ 5.7.37 support â€“ Please remember to keep your MySQL up to date. iQ-WEB must only be used with MySQL 5.7.37 or higher.

Give our freshly released iQ-WEB a try and test this new and improved version online at Detailed information on iQ-WEB is available on our website or in the product brochure. iQ-WEB users with a valid Annual Service Package (ASP) can upgrade to the new version free of charge.