New iQ-WEB and iQ-4VIEW patches incl. important cyber security and bug fixes

Please note that there is a new patch version available for our iQ-WEB PACS software as well as for the diagnostic zero-footprint viewer iQ-4VIEW. Here are the main changes.

What's new?

  • Cyber security
    9 cyber security fixes to maintain HIPAA and GDPR compliance. This patch is especially important for systems connected with the internet.
  • Find your EasyWEB page again in your individual sort order
    When you open or reload the EasyWEB page, iQ-WEB will now remember the last column you selected for sorting and thus list the studies again based on your individual preferences.
  • Display Secondary Capture images directly after import
    In previous versions, it was necessary to reload iQ-4VIEW when opening Secondary Capture images. With the new version, you can display the image data immediately after importing it, resulting in a faster workflow for you.
  • Fixed error while uploading Word documents
  • Fixed automatic worklist import
  • Fixed web-based query/retrieve on study level
  • Fixed several WADO bugs

iQ-WEB and iQ-4VIEW 2.2.11 are now available for download on our website. Please note - the upgrade requires the latest MySQL version >= 5.7.42. As usual, iQ-WEB and iQ-4VIEW users with a valid Annual Service Package (ASP) can upgrade to the new version free of charge.