iQ-WEB UPLOADER 1.2 now optimized for multiple-study uploads and group notifications

Almost a year after the first release of iQ-WEB UPLOADER, our web portal for secure data sharing is back in a new version.

iQ-WEB UPLOADER 1.2 still allows healthcare professionals to transfer medical images or relevant photos and documents to any PACS, but now also includes the following enhancements:

  • Improved usability when selecting recipients from a long list
    During the upload process, a drop-down list will show you matching results as soon as you start typing, thus simplifying the selection of the recipients
  • Highlighted mandatory information
    In order to improve the user's workflow and ensure that all entries required for the upload process have been made, mandatory fields are now highlighted.
  • Customizable name for authorization code
    The authorization code field in the GUI can now be customized and renamed according to the needs of the PACS owner (for example, to “Accession Number” or “Order Number”). This way, uploaded studies can be more easily assigned in the PACS.
  • Optimized GUI for simultaneous uploads of multiple studies
    When you upload more than one study of a patient, the thumbnails of the studies are visibly separated to clarify what belongs to each study.
  • Terms of use added to upload process
    According to the General Data Protection Regulation, it is necessary that the user actively agrees with the terms of use before uploading any data. Therefore, an option to include terms of use has been added to the software. If this option is activated by the administrator, the users must agree to them before they can use the upload service.
  • Optimized email communication
    To ensure that emails actually reach their destination, the email addresses of the recipients are checked for a valid format when entered. Only if an e-mail address seems valid, the administrator will be able to save the entry. The possibility to store multiple email addresses per recipient now allows group notifications.

Learn more about iQ-WEB UPLOADER in the respective flyer or try it out here: