Did you know that iQ-VIEW/iQ-4VIEW offer several options to customize the information displayed in the text overlay of the images?

It is possible to define the text overlay individually for each modality and to adapt the displayed DICOM tags to the needs of the radiologist. 

Configuration options include:

  • Text overlay in images:
    • Font size
    • Content
  • Content definition:
    • According to SOP class for any type of image
    • Specified by SOP class for particular studies (e.g. CR, US)
  • DICOM information may be displayed (if existent in the image), e.g. contrast agent, S-Value

The iQ-VIEW installation package already contains sample configurations, e.g. for CT and CR, as well as global settings regarding image compression. For details, please refer to the iQ-VIEW Administration Guide or contact your administrator.