Now 64-bit edition of iQ-3D 3.2 for reconstruction of large CT and MRI series

iQ-3D is now additionally available in a 64-bit version. This allows increased use of the system's main memory resources beyond the 2 GB limit of a 32-bit application and makes it possible to load and process CT and MRI series with a larger number of slice images.

The purpose of the optional 3D add-on to our diagnostic reading software iQ-VIEW/PRO is to assist in the medical diagnosis of three-dimensional CT and MR data by advanced 3D visualization techniques not integrated into iQ-VIEW. With the help of three-dimensional imaging, pathologies can be visualized that otherwise usually escape the human eye.

Processing of such image data is technically not easy. The data sets are often more than 1 GB in size. For processing, main memory of up to 32 GB is often required. This can only be achieved when using by modern 64-bit developed DICOM 3.0 compliant software applications like iQ-3D.

Detailed information on iQ-3D is available on our website or in the product flyer. You may download iQ-3D 64-bit* from our Download Center.

* The iQ-VIEW 3.1 setup by default deploys iQ-3D 32-bit. To use the 64-bit version, you need to download it separately and replace iQ-3D manually in an existing iQ-VIEW 3.1 installation. Follow the instructions provided with the setup. Furthermore, iQ-3D 64-bit will require a new license.