How iQ-4VIEW saves radiologists time by parking studies

Radiologists get interrupted by phone calls several times a day. This phone call overhead can add up to more than one hour of their valuable work time that is lost on a daily basis.

What happens? When a referring physician calls a radiologist regarding a case, the radiologist typically needs to search for this case, has to retrieve it, reviews it (again) with a more specific question in mind and then responds to the requesting clinician. Only then he can go back to the previous work task. This can disturb the workflow significantly, as cases need to be opened and closed again and again.

iQ-4VIEW offers an amazing solution to open multiple studies (as many as needed) in a new tab simultaneously. This gives the radiologist the opportunity to "park" the current work task during an inbound call and to open additional study tabs for one or more simultaneous requests before returning to the study he was reading prior to the interruption.

The amount of opened study tabs does not count for the number of concurrent licenses bought, as IMAGE licenses the number of opened browsers only.

Get to know iQ-4VIEW’s time-saving feature in our new video.