IMAGE enables efficient and vendor neutral radiation dose management

PACS provider IMAGE Information Systems has developed iQ-DOSE 1.0 to help medical institutions monitor, document and lower their patient radiation doses, and thus comply with legal regulations.

Around 50% of the human radiation exposure come from medical imaging studies. As a consequence, many countries have established regulations and guidelines, in order to limit and lower the average radiation doses to patients.

With iQ-DOSE, IMAGE has developed a vendor neutral and cost-effective radiation dose management solution which provides imaging centers and hospitals the possibility to manage doses with minimum human effort. This solution allows to automatically monitor and document the radiation dose applied during imaging procedures and creates automatic overdose notifications to enable medical institutions to immediately take needed measures and to meet legal requirements.

iQ-DOSE can be connected to any PACS and any RIS, where it checks incoming DICOM data for radiation dose structured reports (RDSR) or for image-based dose information. iQ-DOSE then compares the doses with defined limits in a smart way knowing the human anatomy and procedures in many languages. In case an overdose is detected, iQ-DOSE will immediately inform the user (e.g. radiation protection supervisor) by email. Besides these notifications, also status reports are sent periodically to keep track of overdose events.

Any intended or unintended overdose can be easily documented in iQ-DOSE and the reason that led to the overdose can be added for legal and quality assurance reasons. If too many overdose events occur, the radiation protection supervisor might be required to inform local authorities.